System-ready stacks

Bridging the proprietary stack technology of two stack designs to a standardized integration into different systems, regarding hardware as well as operation windows, with respect to thermal, mechanical and electrical integration, assembly, service and maintenance.

Stack-ready systems

Two ~ 5 kW SOFC systems will be developed and functionally tested: via the standardized stack-system module interface both systems will be capable of using both stack module designs.  Main BoP development aspects will focus on the fuel reforming, anode gas recirculation and thermal management as required for the wide operating range.

Pre-certification, Demonstration, Economic Assessment

Three interrelated actions will be performed: system pre-certification, demonstration and economic assessment. In particular multifuel SOFC-CHP will be pre-certified according to applicable EU and international directives and regulations, in preparation for field test certification: the demonstration will prove the operation with high electrical efficiency and high heat quality under variable fuel mixtures and will measure system performance degradation.

Dissemination, communication, standardisation and exploitation

A Dissemination, Communication, Standardization & Exploitation strategy will be planned and carried out with the aim of promoting knowledge-sharing among the most relevant stakeholders, media and citizens and to enhance effective exploitation and multiplication of the project’s main products (market-ready stacks and systems, certification and standardization procedures) following a detailed market analysis.