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The EU-funded SmartCHP project held its final conference in Brussels, highlighting the important role that small-scale biomass-based cogeneration can play in decarbonising the EU energy system.

Cogeneration (CHP) is the most efficient form of power generation, but currently around 80% of plants run on natural gas and fossil fuels. SmartCHP partners have developed and built a novel, flexible small-scale cogeneration unit to produce heat and electricity from sustainable biomass.

Professor Enrico Bocci of Guglielmo Marconi University participated on behalf of SO-FREE, presenting the project (slide presentation).

The conference was and opportunity for organizations and experts of the sector to discuss on the CHP current European scenario and future prospective. Regarding EU policy, experts’ attendees of the conference presented some of their own recommendations, including:

  • The development of EU wide emission limits for small-scale bioenergy (CHP) installations with
  • The development of a market introduction programme in collaboration with national authorities
  • A change in permitting rules for SmartCHP systems.

The recording of the final event is available on YouTube (FO-FREE project at 1:26:00 minutes).